Friday, June 22, 2012

Top Five Reasons to Hire a General Contractor for a Home Remodel

Before starting a home remodel, homeowners should know what they are getting into. Depending on the scale of the job, some people may opt to do the work themselves, unaware of how many aspects come into play in a home remodel. Others hire construction crews, electricians, plumbers and tile companies separately. What many people don't realize is that to have a successful remodel that stays on budget and is completed on time, a general contractor can be the most important asset to get the job done.

A lot of people don't know what a general contractor does. These top five reasons to hire a one explain what they do and why it's important that they do what they do.

1. They coordinate schedules for all the individual companies doing work on your home. For example people laying tile should do so after painting is done so the paint doesn't splash on the tile. There is an order in which each job should be done. A good general contractor is kind of like the conductor at a symphony. They bring in the people when it's time for their solo and at the end you have a symphony that brings a visual harmony to your home remodel.
2. Will work with the architect in the planning and design stages to ensure what the architect envisions can be accomplished within the budget you have created.
3. Assist in financing. He/she will put together all required cost breakdowns and financial reports required by lending institutions to ensure you can afford a quality remodel.
4. They keep you on budget. In the excitement of making changes, some homeowners constantly add small details here and there that can add up to big expenses. Something as small as a $100.00 faucet or cabinet or closet door handles for several hundred dollars can push you over budget before you know it. A general contractor keeps his/her eye out for your best interests and lets you know when you are pushing the budget and can advise what additions you really need and what you can do without.
5. Cost analysis. Before the project begins your contact can go through each expense line by line and advise of major cost variables and provide alternatives that can save you money, such as using reclaimed materials if practical.

Along with the above five reasons, some general contractors can also help design custom remodels, ensure all permits necessary have been obtained and act as your voice with various subcontractors. Before hiring anyone for a job, talk to references and ask to see their past work. If you have questions ask.

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