Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Surviving Home Disasters, Major or Minor: Fire/Water Restoration and Other Pro Services Can Help

Damage from fires, floods, and other incidents don't have to mean your home is beyond repair. Turn to fire, water, and other restoration professionals to preserve your house and weather the storm with minimum loss and maximum peace of mind.

Your house is your biggest investment, but it's very often so much more than just an inhabitable savings account. It's also your home, the place were lives are lived and memories are made. Which is why when disaster strikes, the devastation can be doubly costly. When your property has suffered from a fire, flood, or other incident, major or minor, you need to act quickly to not only preserve the structure in terms of a financial investment but also to restore your house into a home that's safe and welcoming for you and your family.

Water Damage Restoration

Natural disaster, roof leaks, burst pipes: no matter how the water entered your home, when you're dealing with a flood, you've got a real mess on your hands. It might be easy to just throw your hands up and call your property a total loss, especially with both fire and water damage, but instead of giving up on your home, bring in a professional flood restoration company. You'll be amazed at what these experts can do to evacuate standing water, dry out absorbed moisture, and stop the damage in its tracks. You may have to replace soggy drywall and refinish your floors, but when you call for water damage restoration in time, you'll be surprised at how well this professional team can contain the damage and stop the problems from compounding with concerns like mold growth and wood rot.

Fire Damage Restoration

When you have a fire in your home, you typically end up with the double trouble of both damage from the fire itself and damage from the water used to extinguish the flames. However, even these dual concerns don't always mean the space isn't salvageable. Modern technology offers a full range of fire restoration techniques including structural drying, smoke and soot removal, and odor elimination. Fire/water restoration companies in your local area have the necessary tools and training to tackle these problems and help you minimize losses.

Additional Services

In addition to the large-scale drying and cleaning services offered by nearly all fire and water damage restoration companies, you may also find yourself in the market for specialized services such as mold removal, carpet cleaning, or tile and grout cleaning. These additional options can help you to clean away evidence of the incident from walls and floors that are in good enough shape to preserve. By revitalizing these finishes, instead of tearing them out and starting over, you're able to help keep the cost of the job down while still returning your home to a clean, beautiful condition.

For major home disasters such as extensive flooding or serious fires, you might want to ask around until you find a disaster restoration company that is also a general contractor. That way, if/when your project requires rebuilding walls, reinstalling flooring, and other major changes, you won't have to deal with juggling multiple service providers. Working with a general building contractor from the get-go who also specializes in fire and flood restoration can help make your life just a little easier during this stressful time.

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Saturday, February 23, 2013

How to Choose a Water Damage Restoration Company

Water damage after a burst pipe, rising river, hurricane, overflow, or similar situation often impacts more than the immediate area and also the home's content which might be in its path. The process of restoring a property to its pre-damaged state is referred to as water damage restoration,  which many companies specialize in. Any water damage to a home can be a destructive and stressful time, but having it repaired need not be a difficult process.

Here are of the several steps which might help in searching for the right water damage restoration service:

Use the services of a specialist water damage restoration company: In an unfortunate situation like this, it is important that you are able to hire the services of a company that specializes in treating water damaged properties, whether this might be from internal damage (burst pipes) or external damage (floods, storms, hurricanes). It is often the case that certain carpet cleaning companies might claim to offer a water restoration service, however they are likely to lack the required expertise that you would need for such a significant job of this type.

Make contact with several local companies: In the process of searching for the right contractor to hire it is important to contact two or three different companies to determine the type of services that might be available to you. Even in such a distressful situation like this, it is still important to invest the necessary time to establish whether a company is a good hire or not. If able, get personal referrals from family members or friends who might have been in a similar situation, or go online and search for local companies that have a good number of positive comments next to their business name. Finding the right highly trained staff is imperative to having a property dried and restored to a high standard.

Obtain multiple estimates: after receiving several estimates for the repair work, you can compare each of those are side by side to establish which he is able to offer a high standard of work at a reasonable price. A temptation might be there to opt for the cheapest estimate; however it is important to consider all factors in the decision-making process, as it is important that the company is able to offer a qualified team that is able to get the job done the right way.

Don't delay in getting repairs carried out. If placed in a situation where significant water damage has been caused to property, it is important that the work is carried out as soon as possible. Water damage if left is only likely to worsen, which can lead to damage to the integrity of a structure as well as the development of a mold infestation.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Fire and Smoke Damage and Restoration

This article will tell you everything about fire and smoke damage and why you need a professional fire restoration service to return your home, business, and yes your life back to normal.

A fire in your home or business can be the scariest experience of your life. The damage caused by a fire is just as bad as flood damage.

Fires are classified into two groups. There are two types of fires. Simple fires and complex fires Simple fires are caused by pure fuels and result in complete combustion. Complex fires are the most common household and business fires. They are usually started by synthetic materials such as furniture, carpets, toys, wiring, cigarettes, etc. This kind of fire usually results in smoke and soot damage and odor.

Immediate response is needed in the following areas to get everything back to normal. Removal of soot and odors, Stabilizing and securing the structure, Minimize existing damage, packing of any content that's salvageable, cleaning, deodorizing, sanitizing, restoring your content and the structure, and also performing any structural repairs necessary.

Residual removal is also considered emergency services because soot is naturally acidic and the longer it stays, the more difficult it is to remove. The odor will remain until it is contained. Fixing damage that has been created after a fire requires knowledge and expertise in fire restoration services. Smoke and soot can damage other rooms affecting paint, carpets, upholstery, curtains, and other family or business belongings.

Whether it's a small heater disaster or a large heater disaster, you need to get your home, your business, and life back together again. Fire and smoke restoration, cleanup, and replacement is a complex and intricate process. It needs to be done by a professional fire and smoke restoration service. They can evaluate and determine the type of fire that has occurred and the damage that has been done. The professionals then know what type of cleanup, restoration, and replacement needs to take place. A professional fire and smoke restoration service will help you get peace of mind and your life back.

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Sunday, February 17, 2013

First Step in a Successful Home Remodel: Finding the Right Contractor

You may have recently purchased a new home that needs some work done to it prior to your moving in, or you might be living in a home for several years and decide to embark upon a home remodel. As you plan your project, you will want to employ the services of a remodeling company. Although at times you might have heard bad stories about shoddy services provided by an unscrupulous home remodel contractor, there are ways to avoid that. Here are a few tips for finding an excellent professional home remodel contractor.

The next time you visit friends who has had remodeling work done to their home, ask them who was the remodeling company that provided the services. Then pay attention to their responses. You will learn first hand, through word-of-mouth, which companies offered superior service and which dropped the ball. Some of the best remodeling firms rely primarily on word-of-mouth referrals in order to procure their next jobs, and so those that are doing excellent work are the ones that are busy and working most of the time.

You will also find out which companies you will want to avoid as well in this manner. Another way to find a good contractor is to stop the next time you notice a home that has recently been remodeled in a way that you like, and ask the owners who the contractor was who did the work. They can also offer a recommendation, or not, which is valuable information to you.

When you find a home remodel company that you think you might want to work with, interview them and find out the specifics of the service they provide. Superior building contractors should offer to contact you throughout the entire project on a regular basis, in order to inform you regarding how the work is going and to make sure that you understand what is happening at each step of the remodel process.

They should also provide timely status reports to keep you up to date on the project timelines and budget. Find out what happens at the end of a remodel with their company. They should not consider that their job is done until you say it has been completed to your satisfaction. Better companies will also want your feedback after they have completed their work, and may offer you a project evaluation form to fill out.

It can take a bit of research to find an excellent home remodel contractor, but the time spent is truly worth it, knowing that your remodeling work will be done well.

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Dealing With Fire Damage Properly

A fire can be one of the worst things that could happen to anyone. In some ways, having a thief breaking in to your place would be better than having a fire. At least a thief can't carry off everything, but when a fire breaks out then there is a very real chance that your place will burn down to the ground, taking everything with it.
Even if the fire is put out, the damage that it can cause can be substantial. Aside from the actual property that it destroys, a fire would usually mean that you need to spend thousands of dollars in repairing and renovating your place. It can be very stressful to deal with the aftermath of a fire, to say the least.
In case of a fire in your place, here are some of the things that you can do in order to deal with the damage that it has caused. The important thing is to keep your head because it would never do for you to panic at such a difficult time like that.
Do Not Re-Enter-Once the fire has been put out do not re-enter the house right away. The fire would have weakened the structure of the house and you could be putting yourself in great danger by going in. Then there is the possibility that you can do further damage there and besides, there is nothing that you can do there except to look at what you have lost.
Insurance Agent-Instead of checking out your place after a house fire, the first thing that you have to do is to call your insurance company to report what has happened so you can find out what would be covered by them. They will send over an adjustor in order to inspect the place and the estimate of the coverage will come mainly from the findings of the adjustor. It is possible that your insurance would cover the full cost of rebuilding and repairing your place, but that would depend on the kind of coverage that you have.
Restoration Companies- There are companies that specialize in repairing and restoring what has been damaged by fire and water is used for extinguishing the fire. You ought to call one after you have gotten in touch with your insurance company. It is important that the repair and the restoration should start right away because the longer that it takes the more damaged could be caused.
What They Can Do- Dealing with fire damage in your home can be extremely stressful, that's why it would be better if you hire a restoration company for that. Besides, handling the damage caused by fire and water requires experience and expertise that you might not have. Soot, for example, can be extremely hard to deal with as days pass by without them being removed.
Water soaked walls and posts would have to be treated using special machines and the structure of the whole place has to be checked in order to be sure that it would still be safe and sound.

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Monday, February 11, 2013

Water Damage Clean Up - Why Is A Fast Response So Important?

When it comes to water damage, the experts agree that the first 24 to 48 hours are critical for the prevention of permanent damage and the growth of toxic microbials such as mold and bacteria. In one study, wet drywall that was left untreated for 48 hours already showed evidence of microbial growth.

That's why you need a restoration and cleanup contractor who will get on the scene quickly, assess the extent of the damage, and begin the all important first step of remediation, which is to remove as much of the water as possible. Water removal may include water extraction, and or removing and discarding wet building materials such as carpet and carpet pad, sheet rock, and insulation. Once the water has been removed from the affected areas, drying equipment, including high efficiency dehumidifiers and commercial air movers, can begin pulling the remaining moisture from the structure and the air. The sooner all this is done, the less permanent damage will occur, and the less need there will be for additional repair.

The water damage restoration contractor should take moisture readings in all affected areas throughout the drying process to ensure that everything is thoroughly dry before they begin any repairs. It is important that the moisture levels are also monitored in hidden areas, such as wall cavities and behind cabinets, to ensure that there is no remaining moisture to promote microbial growth.

To summarize, the success of water damage remediation is greatly affected by how quickly it is begun. A restoration company whose phones are answered day or night and who can have a truck in route to you immediately to begin the clean up, will make your life a lot easier.

When it comes to water damage restoration, time is of the essence.

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Friday, February 8, 2013

Finding Help When Your Home Has Fire Damage

If your home has ever burned even a small amount, you know the problems that smoke and water can cause. If you are in a situation like this, it is important to find a restoration company that works with fire damage. Choosing a company quickly is important so that mold does not set in, and so that the smell of smoke does not settle even more into your belongings.

Fire damage is something that no one wants to think about. Having a plan of escape is important, but no one usually has a plan for the clean-up. It is a good idea to have a company that you believe you could trust in the event that you might need restoration. Some things to consider with a company like this are availability, cost, and expertise.

It is important that the company you choose as a part of your clean-up plan in the event of having fire damage is always available. They should have 24/7 emergency services, so that they can at least begin the process of helping you as soon as it is safe to enter your home.

It is also important that the company you hire has experts who know how to use the equipment in order to restore your home of much of the damage. Technology and equipment combined should help in the extraction of water and hopefully the smoke that is in your belongings. The workers should have experience at this, and they should be known for doing their job well.

Once you find a company that has the traits that you desire, you will be on your way to having a complete plan in case of fire damage to your home. You of course hope that you will never need to use it, but if you do, at least you will have a plan. If you are already in the midst of damages from your home burning and you do not know where to turn, check online and in your phone book for restoration services. Hopefully you will be able to find a company quickly that will help you.

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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Water Damage Requires Fast Action

In the unfortunate event, you find yourself with water damage from a flood or broken pipe in your home, quick action is required to prevent further damage to your home and property. When your home is damaged by water it is important to get clean up and restoration assistance from professionals. The professionals will decrease the possibly of contamination, including any dangerous bacteria, mold, or fungus, that could result in serious health issues or permanent property damage. Mold can form extremely fast and can be difficult and costly to remove. There are several steps you can take just prior to contacting a professional. There are several steps a professional clean up and restoration company will take to assure your home is restored.

First you should evaluate the water damage. You should determine the origin and cause of the water damage. Turn off the water from the main water supply. During a flood you can't turn the water off, however water from a natural flood typically contains clean water.

Next you should turn the electricity off, to prevent further damage or injury.

Then stop the water. Ventilate the house, use fans or open windows. Get the water out of the house. Use a wet vacuum or mop to start the process while you are calling the professionals.

Once the professionals arrive they will evaluate the damage with water sensing equipment. They will use probes and other infrared equipment to determine the extent of the damage, and begin the drying out process.

The drying out process may include several steps in addition to the steps you have already taken. The professionals may use air movers. Air movers are huge industrial fans that circulate the air. They may use dehumidifiers and air scrubbers. Large floor dryers are often used as well. A subfloor drying system may be used to dry the sub flooring, to decrease possibility of mold. Carpet is usually pulled up and completely dried, along with the carpet padding. The vinyl may need to be pulled up to dry underneath, between it and the subfloor. The baseboard may need to be removed, and large holes may be drilled into the sheet rock to aid in drying and eliminate the possibly of mold. Large air circulating fans are used to aid in drying out the sheet rock. It may take several days to dry out the house, usually 2 to 3 days. You may be required to stay in a different location due to the heat, air and noise of machines used to complete the process. Keep in mind that some things can be damaged during this process, for example if you have candles anywhere in your home you should remove them, as they will melt form the heat used to dry out the house.

The professionals will reevaluate the house to determine if it is dry. They will again use probes and other infrared equipment to reevaluate the house. During this process and procedure personal property may need to be moved, restoration companies will charged an hourly rate to accomplish this task. The professional company will also evaluate whether or not items require treatment including sterilization, sanitization, deodorization or salvage work (throwing out).

It is extremely traumatizing to have your home flooded. Using a good clean-up and restoration company can make the event less traumatic. It is very reassuring to know that your home is fully restored, with no possibility of additional damage or health concerns.

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Saturday, February 2, 2013

After A Fire - Call A Fire Damage Restoration Company Immediately

Fires usually occur in residential homes more than other types of buildings. Just recently, a fire in California left behind over $450,000 worth in damages to the property, although no one was injured. In many cases, damaged homes can be restored. The best thing to do if this happens is to contact a professional fire damage restoration company. If you contact a professional, they will arrive at your home within an hour or so.

This type of company will save you money and time. When the professionals arrive at your home, they will take quick action to restore your property and prevent further damage. It is very important that you contact a professional immediately, because smoke, heat, and residues have damaging effects to the contents and structure of a building. These professionals will save your personal belongings so that you do not have to replace them and they will start cleaning your home immediately. They will also eliminate the smoke and smoke odors to improve the air quality in your home.

Keep in mind that it's highly unlikely that homeowners can handle the cleanup that is needed to restore their homes to their original condition. A professional clean-up crew will help you preserve your valuables and the value of your property. It is also important that you contact your insurance company after you have a fire. Your insurer may cover the financial aspect of restoration. You can document the incident by taking pictures and videos of the damage.

Fire damage restoration professionals will help you prevent further damage to your valuables and home. They will remove the water, smoke odor, and soot for you in a short period of time, and they will help you save your curtains, carpets, rugs, mattresses, furniture, linen, and clothing. They will help you return your property to its original condition. State-of-the-art equipment is used to restore your home. They will help you eliminate the smoke, debris, and odors and they will clean and sanitize your home.

Fire damage in a home is an overwhelming incident. You can lose valuables and cause damage to your floors, walls, ceilings, furniture, doors, clothing, and fixtures. The restoration and cleaning must be done properly after the disaster. Although this can be very depressing, if you contact the professionals, they can make this situation easier for you.

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