Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Different Home Renovations

Most of the time, when you read articles about home renovations, you see the same ol' advice in every one of them.

Instead of stressing the importance of light paint colors or the importance of the perfect kitchen, we've come up with 5 home renovations that are totally nontraditional -- but will still give you awesome results:

1. Forget the kitchen cabinets

They can make your kitchen look a whole lot more dramatic, but let's face it, new cabinets are expensive! You can save money and get even more storage space by building a pantry instead. As an added benefit, pantries are a whole lot easier to use. Instead of organizing everything in small cabinets, you can simply walk in and get whatever you need!

2. Split up your spare bathroom

Whether it's where your kids get ready for school or where guests get dressed while they're staying over at your house, you can do everyone a favor by splitting up the room -- specifically, by putting the toilet and shower in one part and the sinks in another. By separating the room up with a door, you won't have to worry about your son's steamy shower interfering while your daughter dries or hair, or worrying about how guests are going to balance using the toilet with brushing their teeth.

3. Get rid of the bathtub

Be honest -- how many times do you actually take a bath? You may want to let Calgon take you away on a regular basis, but everyday life always seems to get in the way! In the end, your bathtub becomes a huge chunk of wasted space.

By eliminating the bathtub and replacing it with a stand-alone shower, you can make your bathroom look huge. Even a giant shower will take up less space than the tub. And, as an added benefit, it uses less hot water.

4. Hang bathroom lights on the wall, instead of from the ceiling

Those fluorescent lights in your bathroom ceiling aren't just outdated; they're also unflattering. The last thing you want when you're getting ready for that big business meeting is to look in the mirror and see hair that looks green and skin that looks pasty.

Instead, you can create a much more relaxing vibe by installing several lights on the wall, around the mirror. By having several of them, you can get all of the light you need, without installing super-bright bulbs.

As an added benefit, setting up your lights like this doesn't cost any more than it would to get rid of those awful fluorescent lights and replace them with a more modern ceiling fixture.

5. Think about what you really want

Lots of people take on home renovation projects because they think they "have to" -- like they're "supposed" to have a spare bedroom for guests, or that they "need" a home entertainment room.

Instead, give some thought to what you want to do with your space. If you want to turn your spare bedroom into a library, a gym, or a workshop, do it! Your guests can make do with a sofa bed in the library, or crashing on the couch because your old guest room is full of exercise equipment.

After all, how often do you really have guests over to spend the night anyways? By having an entire room set aside solely for guests, you're ignoring a big part of your home! Instead, make the most out of it by turning into a place that you can enjoy day in and day out.

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