Friday, January 18, 2013

Overcoming Fire Damage Takes Professional Help

Fire damage to any structure, residential or commercial, will need the help of a professional team to get the building back into usable condition. Although it is possible to clean up a minor problem on your own, those homes with significantly damaged walls, roofing, and flooring are best left in the hands of a professional. Though you may think it is as easy as pulling out everything that's scorched and replacing it, there's much more to think about with this type of project. With the aid of a professional, though, you will have the best possible opportunity to reduce your chances of a total loss.

Cleaning Initial Debris

Not only is the initial fire damage and debris going to be toxic for you to inhale, it will be hard to remove. Sometimes, removing this material is simply too hard to do on your own, especially since you need a place to store it. After the inspector looks, you'll want to have on hazmat suits to protect your lungs when cleaning up such a mess.

The Water Damage

Sometimes the water used to control the flames can be even harder to deal with. The water sprayed into your home or around the building can be very difficult to manage in terms of cleaning up. Any surface saturated for more than 18 hours is already growing bacteria and mold. Most often, it needs thrown out rather than cleaned. It's not easy to clean up this type of water mess in an effective manner to ensure that there's nothing left that can cause you respiratory problems months down the line.

Then There Is Smoke

Smoke does an incredible job destroying a building. Not only does it darken surfaces and create a smell that doesn't go away, but it also gets into HVAC systems. It's difficult to remove. You'll need to use specialized products to clean it up as well as to cover up the visible signs of it. Smoke can often spread throughout the home even if there is only a small area that the fire occurred in. This means you'll need to ensure that every wall and surface in your home receives specific treatment to help you to avoid the repercussions.

It is not easy to manage fire damage. Even in the best situations where the flames did not spread, you still have to deal with smoke and water. All three combined can be very devastating on the structural components of the building. That's why it is critical to leave this type of cleanup and restoration work to those who know it well and who can help you to restore your home.

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