Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Water Damage Requires Fast Action

In the unfortunate event, you find yourself with water damage from a flood or broken pipe in your home, quick action is required to prevent further damage to your home and property. When your home is damaged by water it is important to get clean up and restoration assistance from professionals. The professionals will decrease the possibly of contamination, including any dangerous bacteria, mold, or fungus, that could result in serious health issues or permanent property damage. Mold can form extremely fast and can be difficult and costly to remove. There are several steps you can take just prior to contacting a professional. There are several steps a professional clean up and restoration company will take to assure your home is restored.

First you should evaluate the water damage. You should determine the origin and cause of the water damage. Turn off the water from the main water supply. During a flood you can't turn the water off, however water from a natural flood typically contains clean water.

Next you should turn the electricity off, to prevent further damage or injury.

Then stop the water. Ventilate the house, use fans or open windows. Get the water out of the house. Use a wet vacuum or mop to start the process while you are calling the professionals.

Once the professionals arrive they will evaluate the damage with water sensing equipment. They will use probes and other infrared equipment to determine the extent of the damage, and begin the drying out process.

The drying out process may include several steps in addition to the steps you have already taken. The professionals may use air movers. Air movers are huge industrial fans that circulate the air. They may use dehumidifiers and air scrubbers. Large floor dryers are often used as well. A subfloor drying system may be used to dry the sub flooring, to decrease possibility of mold. Carpet is usually pulled up and completely dried, along with the carpet padding. The vinyl may need to be pulled up to dry underneath, between it and the subfloor. The baseboard may need to be removed, and large holes may be drilled into the sheet rock to aid in drying and eliminate the possibly of mold. Large air circulating fans are used to aid in drying out the sheet rock. It may take several days to dry out the house, usually 2 to 3 days. You may be required to stay in a different location due to the heat, air and noise of machines used to complete the process. Keep in mind that some things can be damaged during this process, for example if you have candles anywhere in your home you should remove them, as they will melt form the heat used to dry out the house.

The professionals will reevaluate the house to determine if it is dry. They will again use probes and other infrared equipment to reevaluate the house. During this process and procedure personal property may need to be moved, restoration companies will charged an hourly rate to accomplish this task. The professional company will also evaluate whether or not items require treatment including sterilization, sanitization, deodorization or salvage work (throwing out).

It is extremely traumatizing to have your home flooded. Using a good clean-up and restoration company can make the event less traumatic. It is very reassuring to know that your home is fully restored, with no possibility of additional damage or health concerns.

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