Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Emergency Restoration Services To The Rescue

The last thing needed after a fire has ravaged a homeowner's dwelling is to enter into negotiations with the insurance company. However that is what every homeowner in this situation faces. When making an insurance claim, in order to begin the fire restoration procedure, individuals enter into contract negotiations with their insurance company.

It is up to the homeowner to represent the value of the dwelling and personal property involved in the fire. It is up to the insurance company to negotiate a damage claim on the home and personal property without overvaluing the loss. Is it possible that a homeowner going through this personal strife can handle this on their own or is it wise to have a professional in to negotiate on their behalf?

It is obvious; the homeowner should seek out advice for a professional restoration service company. With the help and guidance of a company that handles situations such as fire damage, water damage and storm damage a homeowners rights and best interest will be represented. Every piece of damage to the structure and personal property is examined and gone through to determine if it can be repaired or if it will need to be replaced.

Problems arise all of the time when belongings are only part damaged or the damage is not visible to the naked eye. In these situations insurance agents often want to repair the good rather than replace it to try and save some money in the contract negotiation. The problem with this is instances when the repair turns out not to be sufficient enough to fix to the issue. An example of this is when a fire has left smoke damage and such on rafter beams.

If an insurance agent tries to save money by repairing the issue with an odor sealant, such as Kilz, and the problem is merely masked the problem is still there for the homeowner to deal with at a later date. Professional restoration companies will negotiate with insurance companies to offer up a better solution to issues within the home rather than masking them for later headaches to the homeowner.

Another issue that is seen a lot in restoration is hardwood floors damaged by water and smoke. Often the insurer recommends that the floor be sanded and resealed. This however is a mask to the underlying future issue which is buckling caused by the water used to put out a fire. Emergency restoration services know that really a floor expert needs to come in and evaluate the extent of the flooring damage. In some instances sanding and resealing will be fine but others will find out that in sanding the floor thickness will be compromised and therefore it is better for the floor to be redone. Without a professional to represent a homeowner many insurance companies will look to prevail by offering up any excuse to why a repair is fine even in situations where it is clear replacement is a better option for the homeowner.

Another area that is in constant debate is the need for new air ducts after a fire. Many companies claim that cleaning the residue is good enough. This is however untrue and air quality will forever be compromised. Smoke from a fire is full of harmful toxins that will cause damage to a respiratory system. Is this a risk as a homeowner that should be taken for an insurance company to save a few bucks?

Emergency professional restoration companies can offer advice to homeowners going through crisis situations such as fire restoration and water removal. These are the same people that will guide you towards professional representation be it through a lawyer or restoration company to help a homeowner fight to have their home back in like kind and quality.

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