Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Four Tips to Ensure Renovation Success

Doing renovation is like getting married. To ensure success, it also takes energy, commitment and planning. Otherwise, the project will end in a disaster with the ingredients of a bitter divorce: expensive fees, tired and angry parties, and irreparable damage.

Like marriage, renovation is a serious business that shouldn't be taken for granted. Many homeowners would often say that building a home is easier than renovating a space. To avoid mishaps and broken spirits, here are some tips to follow to ensure a fruitful renovation project:

1. Know your property.

Renovation is like opening a can of worms or worse, a Pandora's box. This usually is the reason why delays and unnecessary expenses are incurred. As every wall is broken down, suddenly additional repairs are needed. It is advisable to have the whole house professionally checked first by plumbers, electricians, and even geodetic engineers to ensure soil health.

Sometimes, renovations are actually needed. More than aesthetics, renovation may be necessary to repair broken walls or flooring. Professionals can provide advice on what is necessary prior to starting renovation. Issues such as electrical problems are major deterrents as these can do further damage. It is much like having a body checked by a physician; these professionals can open the underlying problems of a house and fix them before moving things around. This is also a necessary and integral step for homeowners who purchased a house and are planning to renovate it. It serves as a better blueprint as to what can or cannot be done. This preventive step is important to avoid flooding or electrical problems that can delay the project.

2. Clean the house thoroughly.

Prior to starting renovation, clean the whole house. Pack away the furniture and seal all items that are not for everyday use. The home will be a warzone during the renovation project and this step avoids casualties. Cleaning also opens the palette to easier assessment by designers and engineers. Additional benefit is of course, extra space after the renovation is over.

3. Find the right contractor.

Renovation is often perceived as simply choosing the right paint color or home accents, but there is more to it than meets the eye. The right contractor sets the stage to ensure that the home is not just beautiful, but more so, livable. The right contractor provides the manpower, budget, and materials to turn a plan into an actual space. The most important thing about contractors is their ability to say no to a homeowner simply because not all ideas are sound. They also help avoid expensive repeat work due to bad decisions from the get go. It may be much more expensive, but a professional contractor prevents further heartbreak and set deadlines to reach goals on time. In renovation as in life, time is definitely money.

4. Set a budget and stick to it.

As much as having new walls or new chandeliers is necessary, the budget should always prioritize what is important. In renovating a home, the success lies in knowing the difference.

5. Hire an interior designer.

Renovation companies can often advise you when it comes to designing your home, but if you want the best results, it's highly recommended to hire an interior designer to achieve the look that you want for your home. A professional designer can help you maximize space and offer you options, preferably through 3D rendering.

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