Sunday, May 17, 2015

Best Renovations for Your Home

Are you ready to sell your current home, but want the biggest bang from your investment? Fortunately, there are a number of renovations that homeowners can make to raise the value of their home. Some of these renovations are quick fixes like replacing the paint on a peeling door, replacing windows, siding, and doors. Even landscaping fixes, like trimming shrubbery, pulling weeds, and cutting grass are fast solutions to raise the value of your home. Beyond curb appeal, there are certain projects that aren't as quick to finish but will give you a lot of bang for your buck.


The kitchen is a major socializing area for American families. In fact, some home experts believe it is the most important room in the house. As a result, one of the first things that many home purchasers look at is the kitchen. A kitchen remodel has a 66 percent return on average. A nice kitchen can persuade many home seekers to buy. Likewise, a horrible kitchen can drastically decrease the chances that a nice house will sell.

The cost of major kitchen remodels vary depending on the extent of the job and the region. Determine how much money to spend on your kitchen renovation by matching how much others in the surrounding area are spending on their renovations. For example, if the average kitchen remodel in your market area is $30,000, then stay close to this figure.


Comfortable and modern bathrooms are important to today's home buyers. Most professional remodelers say that you will recoup 62 percent of your investment if you do it right. Many homebuyers are looking for larger bathrooms in the master suite. Spend on space and finishes, as high end bathrooms are fast ways to impress the pickiest of buyers. Also consider adding an extra bathroom or half bath if possible. Most homebuyers seeking a three bedroom home want at least two bathrooms.

Attic Bedroom Conversions

If you have a functioning attic, converting the attic into another bedroom will give you on average a 73 percent return. However, this renovation can be quite expensive, averaging $50,148. But realtors note that if homeowners are able to make the investment, it will help your home sell quickly and drive up the price.

Home Offices

More homebuyers are seeking nice sized home offices, because a growing number of workers are either bringing their work home with them, or choose to work from home. If you do convert a room into an office, avoid adding built in furniture. Home offices recoup 43 percent on average, but before investing in this renovation make sure there is a demand for it in your market.


Homeowners can get a good return on investment with a sunroom if they live in a warm region. On average, sunrooms provide a 46 percent return on investment. But can be a nice bonus to a home.
Renovations can increase the selling price of your home. But not all renovations make sense for every homeowner. Consult a professional design-builder to discuss the best option for you.

Kathryn McDowell is a homeowner and recommends remodeling and renovation before you put your home on the market. The design build features of a home can greatly increase its market value.
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