Tuesday, September 29, 2015

What to Do When You Are a Victim of Fire Damage

Fire damage may be a one of a homeowner's worst nightmares. When this event occurs, you will often have other problems to resolve at the same time, including smoke and water issues. A restoration company can help you with repairs to make your house habitable again.

Assessment of Issues

Prior to any restoration work, experts will need to inspect a home to assess the issues. Potential sources of damage include smoke, soot, fire, heat, and water. These sources will not only cause harm to the structure itself, but also the possessions inside of the house. The entire structure will need careful inspection to identify potential health and safety issues. After inspection, a company can provide homeowners with a plan of action that will resolve the fire damage and other problems.

Protecting the Interior

As firefighters fight a blaze, they often need to break out doors and windows. The result of these tactics can leave a structure exposed to the elements through open windows and doors. A restoration company will clean up all glass that resulted from broken windows. The professionals will then place plywood boards over windows and doors to secure a house. The boards will prevent problems from trespassers, vandals, and inclement weather.

Resolving Smoke Damage

In a house fire, smoke can infiltrate every inch of a residence. You may not always see the results of smoke with your eyes, but you will be able to smell the odors left behind. Left unresolved, smoke issues can resurface later because it has penetrated building materials and insulation. Restoration includes the use of dry ice machines and thermal foggers, which help to clean the air and restore healthy air quality. Thermal foggers can find the source of odors because they travel to every inch of a dwelling. The fogger then applies a deodorizer that neutralizes the undesired smoke odors. After cleaning, the next restoration step may involve applying a special paint that prevents the smoke smell from permeating the paint.

Restoring Possessions

Many possessions may be lost in a fire. However, it's possible that you may be able to salvage some items. The first step in the process of restoring possessions involves removing everything out of the structure to inspect and assess condition. Anything that is actually burnt or charred will not be salvageable. You may find items, furniture, equipment, and even photos and papers with minimal damage, however. In these instances, professionals must clean items and keep them in a climate-controlled environment to await future use.

Initial Tips

If fire damage occurs, do not venture into the house until you have clearance from your local fire marshal.

* Open windows to create natural ventilation.

* Avoid damaged areas that could be unsafe.

* Make a list of all damaged items for insurance purposes.

* Avoid using electrical appliances due to potentially serious issues with wiring.

Get help from a professional restoration company as soon as possible to help you assess and resolve issues. These professional understand the correct protocol to minimize problems and work to resolve them.

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