Thursday, August 25, 2016

Restoration Service Can Help You In The Aftermath Of A Flood Or Wildfire

If you had ever endured a flood or a wildfire, and lost the functionality of your home, then you know that it can be difficult to think of salvaging your property in the midst of such an emotional time. In moments like these, the best course of action is to hire a professional restoration service. They have the know-how and experience to restore your dwelling to habitable standards. To find out more about how they rehabilitate homes damaged by floods and wildfires, read on.


In the event of a flood, restoration service professionals will first come in and document all items and materials that were affected by the rising water and spouting mold. After they are sure everything documented properly, they then inspect the water-affected area with probes and infrared water-sensing equipment to determine the extent of the damage.

Once the full area is determined, the crew will bring in their industrial drying machinery so they can further treat the surfaces and also prevent the eventual growth of more mold. Once the excess water is eliminated from the scene, the workers use special sanitizing solutions to cleanse not only the area affected, but also those that were cross-contaminated. The home may also require deodorizing if there is still an exceptionally pungent odor in the air after the drying and cleansing.

Wood floor dryers, dehumidifiers, and air filtering devices are left in the home for a few days to a week to continue the drying process. The workers will then come back to pick up their equipment and do a quick survey of the property to see if there is anything else to be done that they may have missed before declaring the home safe.


In the event of a fire, restoration service crews remove items and appliances immediately since many will accumulate yellow discoloration if left in the home within a few minutes of the blaze being put out. After a couple of hours, an acidic compound can stain walls and bathroom fixtures. This acid can lead to rusting if not treated, and this can cause irreparable damage if not cleansed with specialized compounds right away.

Using deodorizing fog and counteractants, restoration service workers will remove the sources of any smoky odor, except for anything that the owner may be able to salvage. These items will be encapsulated to prevent re-contamination. Once the acids and the smoke are fully removed, the area is safe to observe as long as a building inspector states that there are no structural issues.

Depending on the extent of the destruction, professionals may be able to return your home back to its pre-loss state. It is important to contact your local restoration service immediately because the longer you wait, the more cumulative damage may occur. At the least, having your home inspected and restored can give you some added peace of mind during this trying period in your life.

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