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Do’s And Don’ts When Restoring Your Home After Fire Damage

Watching your home go up in flames could cause an emotional turmoil that’s difficult to deal with. However, a fire accident isn’t the end of the road for your home as you can always restore it.

The key to restoring a home after fire damage depends on several factors you should do and don’t. Remember, fire damage restoration is a serious matter, and you don’t have any room for mistakes. For example, even if the firefighters declared that the fire’s over, it doesn’t mean that getting inside is safe. You might step on glass shards, nails, and anything sharp. There’s also a chance that heavy debris may fall on you while you attempt to clean and restore your home right away.

And because of those things, it’s always advisable to work with professional restoration companies like and others that offer similar services. Hiring these companies can hasten the restoration process.

Dos And Don’ts

Surely, you still want to help with the restoration process. It might be because you want to quicken the process or reduce the amount you need to spend. Whatever the reason, you want to make sure that you do it safely and properly.

What To Do

Here’s a list of the things you should do when restoring your home after fire damage:

1. Avoid The Scene Of The Fire

You need to avoid the fire scene until the firefighters permits you to go inside your home. Even if the fire appears to be out, it can restart. You don’t want to trap yourself inside when that happens. Moreover, the burnt part of your house can be unstable after a fire. Something may collapse and it may fall on you.

2. Document The Scene

Taking pictures, collecting receipts, and recording conversations with firefighters can help you with your insurance. This is because the evidence will help speed up the insurance claim process and ensure that you get a fair claim to cover the restoration process.

3. Call Your Insurance Company

Insurance providers will have to assess the extent of the damage before they can start processing the claim. And to get them to process it as quickly as possible, you should call them immediately and let them know about the damage. Once they come, you can show them the parts that you documented to help with the process.

4. Find A Reliable Restoration Company

After the fire, you’ll want things to go back to normal as soon as possible. Therefore, you should find and contact a restoration company. Let them handle the restoration and help them out if they need anything. Even though you may be tempted to start the restoration by yourself, don’t; you may not have the right cleaning equipment and skills to do it alone.

5. Discard All Exposed Food

The food that has been exposed to fire or smoke isn’t suitable for consumption anymore as it may have chemicals that are unsafe to your body. Therefore, once you’re allowed back into the house, ensure that you discard all of them.

6. Seek Support

Watching your house go into flames can be traumatizing even for emotionally and financially strong people. You don’t need to go through such moments alone, and you should call and talk to your friends and family to seek emotional support. With a calm mind, you can trust yourself to make proper decisions.

7. Seek Temporary Shelter

Depending on the severity of the fire damage, you may need to seek temporary shelter as soon as possible. Take all the valuables you can, and make sure to do it right away. You don’t want your pets and family members to stay in your home as the soot and other toxic fumes may harm their health.

Also, you need somewhere to rest and pull yourself back together. Restoring your home may be on top of your priority list after the fire, but don’t forget yourself.

What Not To Do

After the fire, there are things that you should be keen to avoid doing to prevent further damage and make the restoration process smooth. Such things include the following:

1. Do Not Use Utilities

After a fire, you need to stop using the utilities such as gas and water. Remember that water that’s mix with dirt and debris becomes more electrically conductive. If it comes in contact with faulty electric equipment, it may result in electrocution.

On the other hand, there’s a huge chance that your gas line has been damaged or it might even be the reason the fire started. The last thing you want to do is to try igniting anything within the vicinity as there might be a gas leak.

2. Avoid Cleaning Before Insurance Assessment

Even after documenting the fire scene, you should avoid scrubbing soot, smoke, or moving anything in the house before an insurance inspection. This is because cleaning up may lessen the extent of the damage and consequently reduce your insurance claim.

3. Don’t Turn On Any Electric Equipment

Sometimes, the cause of the fire could be faulty electric equipment or connection. Turning on electric equipment soon after you’re allowed back into the house without a safety clearance could start another fire.

And even if the firefighter declared that your house is safe, don’t hesitate to ask about the status of your electricity service. Remember that aside from starting another fire, having problems with electricals may lead to electrocution or short your appliances.

4. Don’t Use Or Clean Carpets And Curtains

When soot or debris gets to your carpet after fire damage, it could be a headache to try and clean it. To avoid wasting time and further trouble, you should just dispose of it or get professionals to work on it. They can provide the best cleanup process for those items.


Fires can happen, and if a fire damages your home, you’ll be so distressed. The best you can do is ensure you do the right thing to make the restoration of your home easier and faster so that you can get your old life back. Follow all the things you’re supposed to do and act with caution.


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