Tuesday, April 17, 2012

How To Avoid Fire Damage?

Fire tops the list of causes of household deaths all over the world. It may be caused by an accident or initiated on purpose. But whatever may be the reason, fire damage can be devastating-both in terms of the destruction it can cause and the expenses required for repairing the injuries or damages. Do not seek comfort in the thought that insurance against fire is available; instead remember that fire damages cannot be reversed and adopt measures to avoid fire. Because, the wise one had said "Prevention is better than cure."

Here are some tips to avoid household fire:

* Ensure that the rooms in your house are well-ventilated.

* Design a fire avoiding and extinguishing plan for every room. Be extra careful about the kitchen.

* Keep fire detectors and extinguishers within reachable limits when you are working in the kitchen.

But accidents do occur in spite of all precautions. So you can do to the following to minimize the fire damages:

* Turn off the water, to prevent plumbing and/or the heating supply pipes from damages. You may have to call up a plumber to help you.

* If the power supply is not working properly, remove fresh foods from the refrigerator. Otherwise, they will rot and create a foul smell.

* Keep track of all the items you discard due to the damages and preserve the receipts for the same (if at all you have). It eases out your insurance claim process.

* In case you are temporarily shifting to a different location, let your insurance company know the address and contact number, so that they may contact you if needed.

* Do not use electrical equipment before getting them checked by an electrician.

* Vacuum carpets to remove loose dry soot and smoke specks. Please do not walk on the carpet immediately.

* Do not wash or wipe absorbent surfaces such as ceilings immediately.

* Keep the doors of the fire-affected region closed, so that smoke and odor do not spread to other parts of the house.

* Throw away food items that had been exposed to the smoke (even canned food).

* Take you pets to a safe area.

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