Thursday, July 19, 2012

Choosing How To Remodel Your Home

Whether you're slowly but surely constructing your idea of a dream house or planning to add value to your home for a resale, home remodelling decisions can be intense. Take some of the stress out of your redesign by following these tips.

1. Bathrooms

Bathrooms are one the most common places in the home that get remodelled, and it's easy to see why. Not only do they get a lot of use, but they also hold a lot of potential for an easy makeover. If you're just looking to update the feel of your bathroom, you can try installing new fixtures for the sink and bathtub/shower as well as adding new hardware to the cabinetry. Projects that are popular but don't take a long time includes installing flooring or adding shower tiles. By taking a wall out, you can open up your bathroom and add a lot to the value of your property; when it comes to real estate home value, the biggest return of investment is done thanks to this.

2. Exteriors.

Your home's exterior is quite often the most important part of selling it because it sets the tone for what buyers and real estate agents expect to see inside. If your siding is a bit shabby or worn, you should consider replacing it or just adding small flourishes like new trim or a fresh coat of paint. In addition, consider installing a new entry door to give your home a newly renovated look. If you're creative, you could also put your talents to good use by adding a new decorations like a door mat, planting a garden, or installing a water feature.

3. Additional bedrooms.

This plus getting a bigger bathroom are the top ideas for increasing your home's value. Transforming an unused space in the home - like a basement or attic - into a living area can be worth the money and time that you invest. And if you don't have a space already carved out, you can consider it a blank slate from which to begin building an extra bedroom. And if you don't have sufficient land to build horizontally, think of building up by creating another level to your house.

4. Window treatments.

It may not seem like a very big deal, but replacing the windows in your home can open up the space by providing more ventilation and sunlight where there was none (in case the previous windows were not functional). Also, if you are about to put your house on the market, this kind of improvement could be the tipping point that attracts an interested buyer to your listing. Keep in mind that newer windows tend to help conserve more energy because they are made from insulated glass and weather-sealing components.

5. Kitchens.

It tends to be most obvious how old the home is thanks to looking at the kitchen. It gets the most use and is most often subject to "fad" designs that scream old-fashioned once their time has passed. To update your kitchen, consider installing new cabinetry or recovering old cabinets. New, stainless steel appliances can also make your cooking space look more modern and clean as well as lend your kitchen energy efficiency. Finish your remodel off with new flooring, and your kitchen--along with the rest of the house--will look brand new.

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