Sunday, July 22, 2012

Getting Water Damage Fixed

No matter where you live, at some time you are likely to suffer from flooding rains, tropical storms, sudden freezes, or plumbing mishaps. It's important to know how to fix damage caused by water fast to prevent further destruction to your home or business. Floor drying, wet carpet removal or repair, and repair to hardwood floors, are only the most obvious parts of repairing water damages.
Of course, water removal, by means of water extraction and by removing wet contents and saturated structural materials, is the first step in clean up. However, there is much more involved in restoring your home or your business to working order than just getting rid of standing water and drying carpets. This is the reason it is so important to find a good, reputable contractor with the right experience to do the cleanup work.
Water can have a devastating effect on everything from the flooring, walls, wall cavities, ceiling, ceiling cavities, cabinets, AC air ducts, and even the air quality throughout the structure. Excessive moisture in the air from the evaporating water can cause secondary damage such as peeling paint, warping wallboard, swelling cabinets, and mold. And much of this damage can be hidden from view inside walls. Professional water damage specialists are trained to dry a structure quickly and completely, while controlling the moisture levels in the air to prevent secondary destruction to areas that were not originally damaged.
So, when asking the question, "what do I do with water damage," remember that although fast water removal services are vital to help you clean up quickly, a good remediation company will have the expertise to completely dry and restore your home or business, including:
  • complete water removal
  • moisture testing
  • tearing out and removing items that cannot be salvaged
  • providing industrial strength dehumidifiers and air movers to draw the moisture out of the structure and contents quickly
  • anti microbial treatments to help prevent mold
  • continuous monitoring throughout the drying process
Choose a water damage restoration company that:
  • Is accredited by the BBB - better yet, a BBB award for excellence winner to make sure you have a reputable company.
  • Has you speak directly to a supervisor - not an answering service
  • Is available any time of the day or night with emergency response teams ready to respond quickly to any problem and begin the clean up immediately
To prevent serious problems from any type of water damage it's important to dry it thoroughly, and dry it fast!

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