Friday, September 14, 2012

Fire and Water Restoration Services - Let the Experts Restore Your Fire Damaged House

If you are looking for ways to restore your fire or water damaged property, your best bet will be to hire the services of a fire and water restoration company. This article will briefly show you the importance of hiring professionals who will save you a lot of money, stress and effort that will otherwise take its toll while you restore your house to its normal self.
What are the typical services provided by a fire and water restoration contractor?
For fire damage
  • The fire and water restoration company will first assess the extent of damage caused by the fire. They will then determine the best possible methods that will be effective to clean and restore the house. Every fire damaged house is different and only a professional will be able to quickly ascertain the best possible restoration approach for your house.
  • Even after a fire has been put out, you will still need to cover other unprotected areas of the house. If you haven't called a professional fire and water restoration contractor already, we recommend that you do it immediately as they will quickly be able to minimize damage that might be happening as you read this article.
  • There are various kinds of smoke that will need to be treated differently. Only a professional fire and water restoration company will be able to distinguish between wet smoke, dry smoke, protein smoke or residues and fuel oil smoke. They will also be able to identify and potentially reverse the damage that could be potentially caused by fire extinguishers that might have been used to put out the fire.
For Water damage
  • Fire and water restoration contractors will have high quality power equipment such as pumps, water extraction units, moisture detectors; hygrometers that will help them remove water and assess moisture damage that will result from water damage.
  • Drying your house is no easy joke and it is not as simple as you think. Various construction materials such as drywall, plaster, carpets, insulation and even cement floors absorb a lot of moisture that will result in damage. A professional fire and water restoration company will be able to use different types of dehumidifiers to ensure that your house will be dried in the best possible manner.
Apart from offering the above services, a fire and water restoration contractor will also be able to assist you with confusing insurance forms that you will have to fill out to claim insurance on fire or water damage.
Some people make the mistake of restoring their fire or water damaged properties with do it yourself efforts. Unless the extent of the damage is small, it is highly recommended that you use the services of an expert fire and water restoration contractor that will save you money in the long run even by minimizing your damage, restoring damaged items and by using the best restoration practices and techniques that you might not be aware of.

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