Sunday, September 2, 2012

Water Damage Causes: Pipe Break

Pipe breaks are very common causal sources for water damage and can happen any where, at any time, and in any condition. The damage caused by a pipe break is in direct relation to where the pipe is and how long the pipe has been leaking before it was discovered. An internal pipe crack that leaks a small, study stream of water, for example, may not be noticeable or found until such time as the inevitable mold smell occurs whereas a break in a toilet pipe is immediately visible and can be controlled reasonably quickly.

Old and aging pipes are prime candidates for breakage as are newer pipes that are under undue pressure or simply not installed or secured properly. Blocked pipes can also wreak havoc and cause water damage. Such potential sources include a blocked toilet, a clogged dishwasher, and excessive hair stuck in the bathroom sink. Although not technically pipes, other common breaking points include the washing machine hose, the ice maker water hose, and the garbage dispenser waste valve. Unfortunately, this quickly complied list is far from exhaustive as these sources are only a few common sources of water damage.

Here are some easy bullet points to prevent or limit potential water damage:
* Inspect your utility bill religiously as any unexpected cost increase could be a sign of hidden leakage
* Pay attention to slow drains and have them cleared of blockage
* Regularly inspect all water hoses for signs of wear and leakage
* Ensure that all filters and appliances are free from blockage
* Monitor any appliance overflow valve for water and address as necessary
* Have old pipes replaced

The bullets presented herein serve only as a guideline for routine maintenance and should be adhered to the best of your ability and time. Hopefully these points can help you prevent, stave off, or limit any water damage but in the event that you are in need of a remediation expert, your best bet is an independent, professional water damage restoration company.

An independent, professional water damage restoration company is customer focused and operates in the best interest of the customer as the financial viability and permanence of such company is symbiotically intertwined with customer satisfaction and customer referrals. There are a lot of potentially destructive alternatives and biased dissenting opinions out there but there is only ONE best method for returning your asset to its preloss condition and that is by using an independent, professional water damage restoration company for your restoration.

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