Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Home Additions Provide Value As Well As Space For Your Family

Does your house not fit you and your needs exactly? You don't have to pack up your bags and move just yet. Home additions can help you modify the structure and design of your property to give you the extra space or features that you need to feel comfortable. Adding onto your house is also a great way to increase the value and make it more saleable if you are ready to put it on the market. There are many available options and some are quite affordable even for the tightest budgets.


As your family grows, you will quickly come to realize how precious a bathroom can be. One is usually difficult enough to share between two people, but imagine one shared between three, four or even five. If you're tired of the arguments over who gets to shower first or despise bumping elbows when you have to brush your teeth next to someone, it might be time to consider a new home addition such as a second full or half bath. Not only will it save you many headaches, but it can add great value onto your property. Houses with more bathrooms, especially full or en suite, command greater prices on the housing market and are quicker sells. So whether you just need a bit more privacy or you want to increase your potential profit on your future sale, addition of a bathroom is one of the best ways to go.


Any real estate agent will tell you that next to bathrooms, the kitchen is the biggest value and selling point of any home. Buyers want roomy kitchens that have spaces to socialize as well as cook and prepare meals. Home additions such as expanding your existing kitchen can be affordable and help create much needed space and flow in your home. Adding extra features such as an island or built-in cabinets can further increase value and make your kitchen easier to organize as well as more practical.


If you have children or are planning on starting a family, doubling up on bedrooms may seem like a cost-effective route. And while this may work temporarily, Eventually the fights, tears, and stress will negate that bit of cash you saved. As children grow they need more privacy and a space to call their own. Home additions can help you expand existing bedrooms to help better keep the peace or add entirely new areas.


Think your entire house is too small or cramped? You don't necessarily have to move if you're still overall happy with your house. Additions to the frame of your house can help create extra space all around or just where it's most practical. You can remove walls, add walkthroughs, or even add an extra story. A well designed and planned framing expansion will greatly increase your property's value as well as add to its curb appeal.

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