Wednesday, February 18, 2015

What You Should Know About Water Damage

Owning a house is a dream that many Americans hope to realize. It is also a huge responsibility, both financially and legally. You want your home to comfort and protect your family, while at the same time appreciating in value. If you don't live near the shore, you probably don't think much about the possibility of water damage. No matter where you live, though, faulty plumbing or a small house fire can cause it. It is best to understand how serious this sort of damage can be.

Your house is the most expensive thing you'll ever buy. Chances are good that like most Americans you have a mortgage, which means the bank has a financial interest in the value of your property, as well. Nothing can reduce your property value faster than unseen water damage. Moisture causes wood doors to warp, floor joists to rot, and window frames to sag. When you go to sell your house and the doors don't shut properly, windows won't open, or floors are spongy, you will have trouble recouping your investment.

One of the problems is that water can seep in slowly and quietly. You might not know that a pipe is dripping in your ceiling. These types of quiet leaks get worse over time, and they never fix themselves. Even a slow leak can become a big problem over time. That little drip will eventually create a puddle in your ceiling that can soak through the drywall and end up crashing down on top of your piano. Given more time, the puddle that is now on your living room floor could warp your floorboards. Water damage only gets worse over time.

Water can also create health hazards in your house. When building materials like wood and drywall remain wet for a period of time, mold begins to form. If there is a leak inside one of your walls, where you can't see that the drywall is constantly wet, you could have mold growing in the wall that you don't see. By the time the mold becomes visible, your family has already been exposed. When cleaning up from a leak or spill, it is a good idea to allow extra drying time to avoid growing un-seen mold.

Serious water damage requires professional remediation. If your home is damaged by flood, either from the elements or a broken pipe, you need to call in experts. Flood remediation requires knowledge of potential health hazards and the building techniques that protect your home's value. Experience teaches where to look to be sure the job is thorough. You don't want to risk your property value or family's health.

Swift and professional remediation will keep the damage from getting worse; time is an important factor. Water damage is a serious problem that poses risks to your property value and family's health. Even if you don't live near the shore, your property could be affected by water damage.

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