Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Adding a Room to Your Home

As your family grows, there is a good chance that you will begin to outgrow the space that you have been living in. Suddenly, your home doesn't seem quite as big as it once did before. Rather than moving to a new home, many people choose to have a general contractor add a room onto their existing structure. This provides many families with a more affordable, and fully customized solution to this common problem. Whether you need a new bedroom, a playroom, study room or any other type of room, talk with a general contractor about the possibility of adding a room to your home.
Choosing a Room
There are many variables to consider when choosing a room. You will want to have a rough idea of the size and function of your room before talking with a general contractor. You should also have a budget in mind. Once you decide on these, get in touch with a local contractor to start putting together some plans for your new addition. They can help you refine your plans, working with an architect or designer to help design a space that is perfect for your needs.
Check Local Regulations
Some of the biggest stumbling blocks when it comes to adding on to your home are local regulations. Your contractor can help you in many areas of this. Talk to your local zoning board to see what the regulations are in your area. If you live in a neighborhood with a Home Owners Association, you will also want to review the HOA rules and regulations as well. The last thing you want is to finish your addition just to find out that you have violated a city or HOA regulation.
Finalize Plans and Start Building
After your builder has acquired any necessary permits, cleared everything with local regulators and finalized your building plans, it's time for them to get started. Depending on the general contractor that you have chosen, this could involve either a small or a large crew. Regardless of the number of people that will be working at your house, talk with your contractor about steps that you can take that will make the job easier for them. There are many things, such as cleaning and clearing that can greatly save time and energy for your contractor. This will save you money and headache in the long run. Expect things to be messy throughout the process, and do your best to work around that. The completed product will be well worth it.
Whether you are building a new office, a sunroom, a craft room or a nursery for another expected family addition, adding a room to your home can be one of the most gratifying and cost-effective ways to add additional space to your home. With a little diligence and the selection of a quality contractor, the process can be quick, efficient and done to your exact desires and specifications. You'll be amazed at the effect it makes on your home.
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