Monday, August 27, 2012

The Importance Of Fire And Water Restoration After A Disaster

All of the preventative measures available will sometimes fail to protect a property from the harm that is caused by natural disasters or fires. The destruction might seem overwhelming at first. Damaged walls, lost possessions and debris on the ground are not easy problems to cope with. There are trained professionals who know exactly how to assess this type of situation and how to start repairs. Fire and water damage specialists use special equipment and experience to reclaim a building and restore it to a livable condition.

Structural Stability

Regardless of whether a disaster was caused by a fire or water damage one of the primary concerns for home and business owners should be the structural stability of the building. The wooden components that help to hold a house together need to be checked by a professional in order to determine if they need to be replaced. Beams and joists are easily warped or damaged by intense heat or flooding. The damage is not always obvious. The home might still appear structurally sound. The reality is that the interior of the walls, fixtures and the essential wiring in the home will need to be checked extensively in order to determine the repairs that need to be performed. These tests will also reveal whether the space is safe to occupy.

Smoke And Soot

Businesses and homes that experience a fire have problems beyond the physical damage that was done. Smoke seeps into porous surfaces and walls. The result is a strong odor that will overtake entire rooms when left untreated. At the same time, soot from the flames is thrown into the air and comes to rest on walls and in carpets. Soot poses a different problem because it will be thrown into the air whenever someone moves in the room. This causes the air to become hazardous if enough soot is present. Specialists who understand how to deal with fire damage will be able to remove smoke odors and soot.

Biological Contamination

Water damage specialists understand that standing water after a flood has the potential to create a hazardous situation for the occupants of a home or business. The water encourages the growth of bacteria that is in the air and that might be in debris that was carried into the home. This is why a professional basement flooding clean-up is so important. Cleaning the basement will remove standing water and debris. Cleaning chemicals and other equipment are then used to kill any residual bacteria and dry everything in the area. A fast basement flooding clea-up will prevent many problems ranging from mold and bacteria to damage in the foundation of the home.

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