Friday, August 3, 2012

Warning Signs and The Effects of Water Damage

The Negative Effects of Water Damage in Your Home

Water damage can do more than ruin a few pieces of furniture. In fact, the full impact of such damage can be absolutely devastating. Read through some of the warning signs and results.

Structural Weakness

Water damage is an enormous threat to the stability of your home. Wood support beams that are exposed to excess moisture will begin to rot. This can also have extremely negative consequences for your home's foundation. Excess flooding can cause your foundation to erode and crack. Both of these symptoms put your house at greater risk for settling or collapsing. Consider water restoration services immediately after flooding occurs in order to prevent loss of structural integrity.

Mold Outbreaks

Water damage often leaves pooling water in dark, secluded areas. Unfortunately, this setting is ideal for mold spores to sprout and thrive. Plus, mold problems can continue even after the leak or flooding has been contained. These pervasive microbes threaten your household in two ways. First, mold steals nutrients from building materials and weakens supports. Second, exposure to mold spores can have devastating effects on human health. Repair your damage quickly to limit opportunities for mold growth.

Health Hazards

Not all damage is as simple as oversaturation. Flooding caused by plumbing problems like sewage backup can also introduce dangerous microorganisms and pathogens into your home. If this contaminated water reaches flooring and furniture, numerous sections of your home will be permanently ruined. Carpet, for example, will need to be replaced after the flooding is under control. Otherwise, the bacteria from sewer water may take root in the carpet's fibers and threaten your health. In these worst-case scenarios, a professional restoration team is the best cleanup solution available.

Lowered Home Value

Public perception of homes with damage is that they are unsafe and poor investments. As a result, your home will be tougher to sell. You'll likely have to take an offer below market value, even if the efforts of a water damage restoration service are a complete success. This reality reinforces how important it is to prevent water damage in the first place.

Regular home maintenance can help prevent water damage before it occurs, so be sure your home's flashing, sealing, and gutters are always in top shape. Checking your sinks and plumbing for leaks is also wise. Performing these routine checks will ultimately save your household thousands of dollars in repairs.

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